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13 ideas for your company newsletter

Company newsletter content ideas

Newsletters. Love them or hate them, they’re good for business.

They keep you front of mind with your existing customers and reminds people who are interested in what you have to say that you also have something to sell.

Thankfully, creating and sending email newsletters is easy with services like mail chimp and many others out there. The same goes for Linkedin newsletters.

What’s slightly trickier is what to actually include in a newsletter.

How long should a newsletter be?

At 90 Days we’re not convinced it’s as simple as that. We sign up to loads of newsletters that are much, much longer. The key thing is to make sure its of interest to your audience. Partly that boils down to your writing style and your subject matter.

So here are 13 ideas to make sure you’re never lost for words.

  1. Successes. Awards, milestones, anniversaries. They’re all great to share as they re-affirm your credentials in front of your audience.

  2. Hiring / recruitment opportunities. Some of your followers might be customers, others might be people in your industry who want to keep tabs on you. If that means they want to come work with you, great.

  3. Product / services. Newsletters are ideal for cross selling products and services to existing customers. Just go easy on the hard selling.

  4. Product tips. If you sell a product or access to a platform, quick tips to help your customers get more use out of it.

  5. Product updates. This could be a new model or improvements to a platform.

  6. Team features. Show off your staff and give them a bit go the limelight by introducing individuals or teams. This also helps you to show more of your areas of expertise without coming across as too sales-y.

  7. Surveys and polls. Engage your audience and get valuable input on your business with simple polls.

  8. Invitations. Hosting an event or webinar? You’re going to want to make sure people turn up, so start with those who already care about what you have to say. Link to articles about your company (if they’re good…)

  9. Changes in the business. Prioritise those that impact your customers. This could be a product/service change or a team structure change, for example.

  10. BTS. Show a bit of personality and share what it’s like working in your offices or place of work. Introduce your team members with a video or interview.

  11. “A message from”. This could be from a CEO or leadership team member, or it could be from a particular expert within the business. Use these as a chance to explain a situation or to educate your recipients.

  12. Case studies. These can help convert potential customers and show the different ways you can help your customers.

  13. Popular social media posts. Has one of your social posts gained a lot of traction recently? It’s obviously struck a chord to send your subscribers a link and encourage them to participate in the discussion.

Follow our advice and start small. Choose a couple of the above and write a short snippet for each. As your confidence grows and you learn what resonates with your audience, you'll soon be writing newsletters like a pro.

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