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Expand Your LinkedIn Network in 2023: 40 Actionable Tips

LinkedIn, the world's largest professional networking site, offers a myriad of tools and features to help you grow your network, find new job opportunities, and build your personal brand. To make the most of LinkedIn and achieve your professional goals, we've compiled 40 actionable tips for expanding your LinkedIn network in 2023. Remember, you don't have to implement all of these tips; select the ones that resonate with you and get started!

Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile
  1. Use a professional headshot and background image reflecting your personal brand.

  2. Craft a clear and concise headline showcasing your skills and experience.

  3. Develop a summary highlighting your professional accomplishments and value proposition.

  4. Customise your LinkedIn profile URL for easy sharing.

  5. Include your LinkedIn profile link in your email signature, business cards, and other professional materials.

Connect with People You Know
  1. Link with real-life acquaintances such as colleagues, former classmates, and professional contacts.

  2. Ask your existing network for introductions to people you'd like to connect with.

  3. Discover potential connections with similar interests or backgrounds through LinkedIn's "People Also Viewed" feature.

  4. Connect with individuals who recently viewed your profile using the "Viewed Your Profile" feature.

  5. Find professionals working for specific companies or holding specific job titles with LinkedIn's "Advanced Search" feature.

Engage in LinkedIn Groups
  1. Join groups related to your industry, interests, or career goals.

  2. Participate in discussions and share valuable insights to build relationships with group members.

  3. Network with people outside your immediate network through LinkedIn groups.

  4. Create and manage your own LinkedIn group to establish yourself as a thought leader.

  5. Engage with other professionals using LinkedIn's "Daily Conversation" feature.

Share Valuable Content
  1. Showcase your expertise by sharing blog posts, articles, or videos on LinkedIn.

  2. Discover and share industry news and insights using LinkedIn's "Pulse" feature.

  3. Attract new followers with targeted audiences through LinkedIn's "Sponsored Content" feature.

  4. Demonstrate your thought leadership by publishing articles or posts on LinkedIn.

  5. Use LinkedIn's "Polls" feature to engage followers and gather feedback on industry trends or topics.

Attend LinkedIn Events
  1. Expand your network by attending LinkedIn events or webinars.

  2. Participate in LinkedIn local events to meet professionals in your area.

  3. Exchange career advice and build relationships using LinkedIn's "Career Advice" feature.

  4. Identify and connect with potential leads or customers using "Sales Navigator."

  5. Send personalised messages to people outside your network with LinkedIn's "InMail" feature.

Engage with Your Network
  1. Comment on posts, congratulate connections on milestones, or share content to engage with your network.

  2. Request recommendations from colleagues or former employers with LinkedIn's "Recommendations" feature.

  3. Showcase your skills with LinkedIn's "Skills & Endorsements" feature and endorse others to build relationships.

  4. Send personalised audio messages using LinkedIn's "Voice Messages" feature.

  5. Signal your openness to new job opportunities with LinkedIn's "Open to Work" feature.

  6. Attract relevant job opportunities using LinkedIn's "Career Interests" feature.

  7. Connect with former classmates and alumni through LinkedIn's "Alumni" feature.

  8. Showcase your company and attract potential employees and customers using LinkedIn's "Company Page" feature.

  9. Create separate pages for specific products or services with LinkedIn's "Showcase Pages" feature and attract targeted followers.

  10. Follow and engage with companies in your industry or target market using LinkedIn's "Company Follow" feature.

  11. Access advanced search filters, see who has viewed your profile, and get more InMail credits with LinkedIn's "Premium" features.

  12. Attract top talent by showcasing your company's employer brand using LinkedIn's "Career Pages" feature.

  13. Gain insights into your target market and make data-driven decisions with LinkedIn's "LinkedIn Sales Insights" feature.

  14. Host webinars or live streams and engage with your followers in real-time using LinkedIn's "Live Video" feature.

  15. Connect with other businesses or organisations in your industry and build strategic partnerships using LinkedIn's "Partners" feature.

With these 40 actionable tips, you can expand your LinkedIn network and boost your personal brand in 2023. Whether you're a job seeker, entrepreneur, or professional looking to broaden your reach, LinkedIn provides numerous opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals and achieve your objectives. So, start today and see how LinkedIn can help you reach your goals!

If you require assistance growing your business on LinkedIn, other social media platforms, or with digital marketing in general, 90 Days can help. Our team of experts can develop a custom strategy tailored to your unique needs, helping you accomplish your business objectives. Contact us today to learn more!

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